It’s been four years since I wrote my post “The Greatest Trumpet Cases In The World”.  Any self respecting trumpet geek like myself would of course have added equipment to his arsenal in that amount of time, and so I have.  A couple years ago I had the opportunity to play a series of recitals in China and needed a lot of horns to be flown.  There are a number of flight cases for trumpets out there and after my research, I settled on the case made at  The particular case of theirs I bought is the 313.  It holds my Bb, C, flugel and either pic or Eb.  It’s super-solid and heavy but comes with wheels.  (I replaced and upgraded my wheels to a set with nicer bearings and softer rubber and I like it much better.)  Even though it’s big and a little cumbersome, I prefer having all my stuff in one place rather than carry two or three separate cases.  Just me.  Playing with the brass ensemble Isthmus Brass, gives us trumpets the opportunity to play a bunch of horns on every gig, so I have ended up using my RawBrass case quite a bit.

In my first post on this subject, I mentioned how much I like the Torpedo Bag single but didn’t know much about their multiple case.  This summer at the ITG conference, I talked with Steve at his booth and checked out his multiple case.  He is calling that case the Coyote, and it comes in nylon or leather.  I completely fell in love with the brown leather and immediately sold my two Marcus Bona triples to make room for my new Coyote Loredo.  This case is also modular, like the MB’s, but it is 1) way more sturdy and protective, 2) smaller footprint, 3) better back pack straps and shoulder straps for carrying, 4) way easier to reconfigure and set up for either three trumpets or trumpet/flugel, 5) super-cool mute bag and music bag, and perhaps most importantly, 6) absolutely gorgeous!  This is now my go to, everyday case and I can’t imagine ever needing another.