I can count on one hand the crossover trumpet players that I would actually buy CDs of BOTH their classical and jazz playing.  Rex Richardson is one of those players.  There are plenty of players who specialize in one field and dabble in the other but it’s rare to find someone that digs in, way in, to jazz improvisation AND classical technique/repertoire.  I was first introduced to Rex’s playing when we shared a new-music recital at the ITG conference in Denver.  I remember he played some of his own etudes and wondered, “Man, that’s fantastic playing.”  Then I wondered, “Man, who else in the world could ever even play those?!”  Anyway, as someone who also tries to maintain/develop both classical and jazz chops I recognize and completely respect the time and effort Rex has put into his playing.

Below is a great video clip of Rex Richardson discussing and demonstrating flexibility on the trumpet.  I do not mean to steal any of Rex’s thunder on his clip but just want to completely support his approach to flexibility.  I wrote on this subject here and I think you will find a lot of similarities our approaches.

His first video shows his complete command of flexibility.  His second video demonstrates his command of the jazz vocabulary.

Rex Richardson teaches trumpet at Virginia Commonwealth University and plays in Rhythm n’ Brass.  Rex’s CD’s “Masks” and latest, “Magnum Opus” are fantastic and showcase some wonderful cutting edge new repertoire.  His “Live at the Guru Bar” is also a must have.  Check these and his other CDs out here.