Hi everyone,

I am very happy to announce the release of my new jazz CD, “The Journey”. I recorded this with my good friends, Johannes Wallmann, Mark Urness and Ernie Adams this summer (2014).  I was diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier and decided recording a quartet jazz album was one of my life’s bucket list things so I set to work composing the tunes for the project.  Most of the tunes I wrote for this album are based on the structure, or chord changes, of standard jazz tunes that I have always loved playing.  Writing new melodies for these tunes was my way of putting my spin on those classic tunes.  It was a very interesting recording session, as I was about 2.5 weeks into my treatment and was beginning to feel really badly.  The guys in the band and in the studio (Buzz Kemper) were fantastic keeping spirits high and creating an atmosphere of a collective that came together to make these tunes sound the way they do.  And, my daughter, Skye took the photos and did all the layout for the CD.  I’m really proud of the outcome of this project even though at the time, I hardly knew what was going on! (I’m through the cancer treatment by the way, and doing well with clean scans so far.)

You can hear samples of all the tracks here.

It is available at CDBaby in physical and download format, or if you contact me, I’ll mail you a copy.  CDBaby will soon have it distributed to the usual sites like Amazon and Spotify as well.

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoy The Journey as much as I did!