This is super-geeky, but whatever. This summer I’m going to only play one mouthpiece per horn!

Today starts my summer playing schedule and for the next month and a half, it’s going to be a very busy one. The last few months I have been slowly driving myself crazy switching mouthpieces. I was juggling about six and (obviously) not completely thrilled with any of them. I think the reason I wasn’t happy with any one mouthpiece was because I was changing too often and not settling in to any one piece. Well, whatever the case, I have sold all my options except one I am going to use for my Bb and one for my C. I’ll use one of those for Eb if that need arises and leave my pic stuff alone. Selling my collection might prove to have been a mistake but I needed to get the “temptations” out of the house.

So if anyone is interested, I settled on playing an old pair of Monette 2’s I bought from my buddy, Tom Photenhauer a bunch of years ago. These are the non-Prana, standard 2’s that I used to play back in college. I had been playing Curry, Bach and Prana Monettes and was going to look into GR’s. I tried to make some appointments to get a GR consult but my schedule was too tight to accommodate the consultants’ schedules so I decided to go with this scaling back idea.

I’ll let you know how it goes!