A few years back UW-Madison hired Johannes Wallmann to head their jazz program.  He is a pianist, composer and educator and now good friend.  As way of “introducing himself” to our music community he put together a few very cool musical projects.  The one that I am featuring here is a broadcast he was featured on called “Mad Toast Live!”  It is a concert that is emceed by a couple hosts that interject thoughts and questions in between tunes throughout the program.  I think it is a very nice way for the audience to get to know the players and the thought processes of what is happening on stage.  It creates a nice informal atmosphere between the performers and their audience.  Johannes wrote original music for a sextet for this occasion with somewhat unique instrumentation.

Trumpet – Dave Cooper, Trombone – Darren Sterud, Tuba – Marty Erickson, Drums – Devin Drobka, Bass – John Christensen and Piano/Composer – Johannes Wallmann