I’m going to break from the norm of this site for a moment and offer up a musical selection.  I know this may not be following the educational and informational direction of this blog but I came across this mp3 the other day and just thought I would share it.

The Setup

A few years ago saxophonist Tom Gullion, called some musicians together to play on a recording project of his.  The night before the recording session I happen to have a standard gig so I paid off my regular band so this recording group could have a chance to play together prior to going in to the studio.  The tune on this clip is the standard “It Could Happen To You” and I believe was the very first tune this particular group ever played together.  The group has since played a number of festivals and concerts and really gels nicely together.

This took place at the Concourse in Madison a few years ago and I frankly forgot all about that night till I came across this clip on my computer.  I think it demonstrates how even though musicians may not know each other, if they share a common language and understanding of the music, some nice things can happen.  You’ll hear Tom and I wander around each other on the heads (melodies) trying to anticipate and compensate for each other’s phrasing.  You can also hear the rhythm section trying to develop a feel for each of the soloist’s style; starting simply then building harmonically and rhythmically to support the soloist.  You will also hear the horns miss the entrance on the head out but cover their tracks by easing back into the melody after the pianist’s initial statement.  (At least, that’s what I’d like to think!)  Most of all, I hope that you can hear a real sense of spontaneous fun being had.  That is what bringing back this memory did for me.

It Could Happen 1

It Could Happen 2

It Could Happen 3

The Players

Tom Gullion – tenor sax

Dave Cooper – flugel horn (Eclipse)

Tim Whalen – piano

Mark Urness – bass

Dane Richeson – drumset