If you are reading this blog, then you are probably someone who is well aware of what ITG is and what they do in the summer.  Well, in the event you happen to be some renegade string player who loves to read trumpet blogs, ITG is the International Trumpet Guild.  It’s like a trumpet fraternity, without the hazing.  Each summer the Guild holds a week-long conference somewhere in the world and the greatest trumpet players and teachers around give performances, clinics, recitals, presentations…all week long.

It’s also a venue for manufacturers that have anything to do with the trumpet converge to peddle their wares.  If you happen to be in the market for a new horn or mouthpiece, you can spend a week playing just about every brand of trumpet there is and dozens of those you have probably never even heard of!  It is truly a trumpet geeks heaven!

This year the conference is going to be in Minneapolis from May 24-28.  The conference information page is here.

One special note; this year will be my first ITG conference as an Exhibitor!  I’ve played at a couple of these in the past but this time I’m joining with a few friends as The Composers Collective.  Lauren Bernofsky, James Stephenson, James Gauthier and myself will share a booth.  They will be selling their sheet music and I will have my etude books on hand.

If you happen to go to the conference, please stop by and say Hi.