is a blog created by David Cooper, that contain articles on practice and performance tips, improvisation techniques, and general trumpet issues for the serious trumpet player.  The articles will be posted in categories listed in the tabs above but like so many things in art, many concepts overlap and can be applied to a variety of areas.  Example; practicing scales in all keys is as important for the classical player as it is for the jazz improviser.  As the blog develops I hope to include guest interviews and articles from friends, colleagues and teachers.

The really exciting part of the blog is that I will present a composition that I review, discuss and analyze; some will be complete with audio or visual clips.  These reviews will contain practice ideas, instrument/mute suggestions, historical and theoretical information.  The pieces I will deal with will be from standard classical repertoire focusing on the more current works for trumpet.  I will also include Jazz improvisation ideas for Jazz standards.  This project is going to be a lot of work.  (it already is!)  But, I think it will be a very valuable learning resource to the trumpet community.  I am presenting this information as shared experience.  I by no means intend to be the definitive interpretation for the works or topics discussed.  It is my hope that I offer ways to view the concepts that enable and inspire you to find your own personal and valid interpretations.

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

Best Wishes,

UW-Platteville Director of Jazz Studies – Trumpet
Madison Symphony Orchestra
Conn-Selmer Artist